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About Piadina Caffe'

We might be biased in our opinion of Piadina Caffe, so see what some of our customers had to say:


 “One of my favourite places in Malta! Really good salads and piadina for a reasonable price. Really good service and a lovely street to best feel the spirit of Valletta. If you want to avoid tourists traps this is the place, always full of locals for lunch!”


“We ordered two basic green salads and they brought us two amazingly prepared dishes with all sort of vegetables you can think of seasoned with a great olive oil, salt and pepper. We struggled to finish the plates cause it was way more than just a salad! Great service and really nice atmosphere also.”


“This is by far the best place for a lunch break. The food is so fresh and the staff so friendly. The quality of service makes this the outstanding little treasure of Valletta. I have eaten in the top restaurants in Valletta and in many cities, but the little chairs and the food of Piadina Caffe make this the best eating experience.”


“Really yummy coffee.. The staff was pleasant and helpful.. I love the surroundings the most.. The caffe is based on the steps, which I though was amazing, a great way to use up space..and the interior was cosy and welcoming.. Also, well priced..Much more interesting place to some lunch then the ones in the main square.. Congrats to the owner for this lovely place.”